Passion and quality since 1868
the founder Ernst Krause established the company in 1868 in Berlin. He completed his first Ernst Krause Piano in a small workship in the middle of Berlin. Untlil the year of 1930, the company already completed more than 30000 pianos. During the 150 years of its development, Ernst Krause already got a global recognition and excellent reputations.
creates Krause times
In 1868, the company was founded.Founder Ernst Krause was passionate about piano.It took a whole year to create the first Krause piano in his work room.The piano was fully adapted to the trend of the times And special requirements for string tension.Greatly satisfied the emotional release and perfect interpretation of the pianist's passionate performance.
Inherits the German exquisite traditional craftsmanship, achieves the more and more luxury.

Harmonious and balanced timbre and smooth playing feel can bring you unparalleled performance enjoyment.
Ernst Krause Team
Stable international professional team
Original design and latest innovation
Upgrade of the current models on the technology and quality
Timbre design and optimization to each piano.
Quality inspection

Warren Slys--Our Piano design,regulation,voicing and tunnig master

Warren.Slys, family has more than 200 year’s experience on the piano making, through most of the important period of piano development history including start, development and innovation. Gathered and absorbed all kinds of the piano technology of Germany, Italy, Austria and UK, etc. Had a historical relationship with Steinway, Bechstein, Fazioli, Schimmel and Sauter, etc.Warren inherits the 150 year´s experience of the family piano making and already works more than 50 years in this field. He has very rich experience on tuning, voicing and regulation. He also has relationship or worked with Fazioli, Samick and many Japanese famous companies, his professional and experience ensures our outstanding quality. Warren did a huge contribution to the design and improvement to our 121,123,125 and 133 models, and also visited us several times to check the pianos with his own design.

We Krause piano always focus on the improvement and innovation on the piano ,abviously there are rarely factory could do like us.We are striving to stand and win in the marketing competetion.Krause Piano have a so unique professional team,structure expert,wood engineer,wood process worker,music technician ,tuner,concert technician,and we also keep a so close relationship with the pianists,music education professionals and music institutions to understand the current and future request and expectation.Krause craft are always transferred generation by generation with the passion to the music.