Product technology

Sand casting of Iron plate

Krause piano adapts the most traditional casting technology,different from the current popular casting in the market,sand casting plate has its advantage on the vibration,and the efficiency could improve about 10%.

Prevoice application

Krause piano applies the modern piano design and production into the traditional processing. The prevoice before the installation ensure the best condition of the hammer and its performance and stability. Different prevoice to different registers to ensure the best performance and result.

The wood treatment processing

Krause Piano adapts the traditional wood treatment processing,lumber treatment around 3-6 months,and 2 times of the kiln treatments.And the total processing need about 18 months to remove the stress inside of the wood to keep the shape and avoid the warp.

Soundboard crown processing

Krause Piano adapts the most traditional processing,create the crown according to the difference between the soundboard and ribs(6-7% EMC,8-10% EMC),to make the most stable crown and sound stability.