Passion and quality since 1868
the founder Ernst Krause established the company in 1868 in Berlin. He completed his first Ernst Krause Piano in a small workship in the middle of Berlin. Untlil the year of 1930, the company already completed more than 30000 pianos. During the 150 years of its development, Ernst Krause already got a global recognition and excellent reputations.

In 1868, the company was founded. Founder ERNST KRAUSE used the whole year to create the first KRAUSE piano in his work room because of his love for piano. The piano is fully adapted to the trend of the times , and special requirements for string tension. Greatly satisfied the emotional release and perfect interpretation of the pianist's passionate performance.

1868-1886, the company was located in S, Admiralstraße 18
In 1869,during the travel between Rome,Weimar and Budapest,Liszt had the chance and played Ernst Krause piano.He was shocked by its performance as a great piano of the era .Liszt performed his representative piece, HungarianRhapsodyNo.2 with Krause Piano.
In 1872, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I and Prime Minister Andrahi Gula, Russian Emperor Alexander II and Prime Minister A.M. Gorchakov visited Berlin to meet with Kaiser Wilhelm I and Prime Minister Bismarck. During a visit to the Royal Theatre in Berlin, the Ernst Krause piano was unveiled with its thick bass, bright and penetrating treble notes. Since then, the Krause piano started to enter the main European Concert Halls and Royal Theartes as the pianists' appointed piano.
April1,1890,due to the gradul expansion of the development,the company and the factory moved to Sud Osten 36, Reichenberger Straße57.

In 1896 Ernst Krause showed his Pianos for the first time at the Berlin Trade Exhibition: "A small piano, Ebony with gold engraved, upper damper; bronzer iron frame. With a pleasant style, the tone is soft and very extensive. The same applies to the two instruments in matt and bare walnut, without special decoration. Upper attenuation". After each exhibition, it rained awards: gold, silver or bronze medals.

In 1899, the company's actual controllers were changed to Richard Wolfgramm and Johann Sapper. E. Krause joined the newly founded "Professional Cooperative of the Musical Instrument Industry Leipzig" in 1899. No other company like Ernst Krause, still ran production during the First World War.
In 1915,Sapper became the sole actual controller of the company.He invited the most famous piano expert to redesign the whole stringing and scale of the Ernst Krause piano.After that,the new design got a high appraisal and comments from the Guild.
1918-1924, the company's production was frustated and maintained with struggle.
Between 1868 and 1915, famous pianists such as Bruckner, Hendmitt, Johann Strauss, Mahler and others used the Ernst Krause piano to perform their most outstanding masterpieces and highly respected the Krause piano.
Since 1924, the company's situation improved. For better development, the company expanded its production and moved to S 59, Urbanstraße 63, while the office and sales area was located at SW 61, Blücherstraße 22.

It was not until 1925 that Ernst Krause exhibited "some of their models" at the Leipzig Spring Fair, "where interested parties will find a selection of tasteful models. The company also draws attention to the rich sample warehouse in its factory in Berlin."At the Leipzig Autumn Fair 1925, Ernst Krause exhibited a second time: "The constant popularity of Krause's brands suggests that the instruments presented to view, which are equipped with extraordinarily tasteful housing in models of 1.30 m height, will be will expand the circle of friends of the House of Ernst Krause".
From 1927 to 1930,On 1 July 1927, the piano factory E. Krause "moved all its factory and office space to Berlin SO 36, Bouchéstr. 35/36. The company feels compelled to move because the existing factory premises have not been sufficient for some time to meet the requirements of their business friends. The new rooms are considerably larger and give the company the opportunity to significantly increase production. The entire operation is also streamlined by the installation of the latest machines and state-of-the-art technical equipment. Furthermore, exhibition rooms offer the company's business friends who come to Berlin the opportunity to make their choice on the spot".
Since 1930,Ernst Krause launched a whole upgrade and innovation of the various technology and documents by the most famous German piano design master.And the latest full serial models started to enter the global market.

Brand Expert Group
Ernst Krause Team
Stable international professional team
Original design and latest innovation
Upgrade of the current models on the technology and quality
Timbre design and optimization to each piano.
Quality inspection
Warren Slys--Our Piano design,regulation,voicing and tunnig master

Warren.Slys, family has more than 200 years experience on the piano making,through most of the important period of piano development history including start,development and innovation.Gathered and absorbed all kinds of the piano technology of Germany,Italy,Austria and UK,etc.Had a historical relationship with Steinway,Bechstein,Fazioli,Schimmel and Sauter,etc.Warren inherits the 150 years' experience of the family piano making and already works more than 150 yeaars in this field,has very rich experience on tuning,voicing,regulation .He also has relationship or worked with Fazioli,Samick and many Japanese famous companies,his professional and experience ensures our outstanding quality.Warren did a huge contribution to the design and improvement to our 121,123,125 and 133 models,and also visited us several times to check the pianos with his own design.

With the PREK design module,maximize the imitation of the inner structure of performance effect of the piano.
What the founder say
We Krause piano always focus on the improvement and innovation on the piano ,abviously there are rarely factory could do like us.We are striving to stand and win in the marketing competetion.Krause Piano have a so unique professional team,structure expert,wood engineer,wood process worker,music technician ,tuner,concert technician,and we also keep a so close relationship with the pianists,music education professionals and music institutions to understand the current and future request and expectation.Krause craft are always transferred generation by generation with the passion to the music.